Fashion lovers know: Sweden is not only famous for its good music, stylish furniture and beautiful women. The Swedish fashion design newcomers effortlessly play in the international fashion league thanks to their talent and their innovative ideas. That is why we are proud to present three especially talented designers from the North at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2011.

Eco-conscious fashionistas will love the designs by Camilla Norrback: her motto being “Ecoluxury”, the couturière creates clothing with retro flair, made from futuristic materials – and at the same time she watches out for sustainability. Diana Orving is all about volume. She develops her unique garments directly on living bodies, using artfully draped fabrics. And Ida Sjöstedt’s designs achieve the ideal balance between kitsch and elegance. After all it is most important to her that fashion is fun in the first place.

Camilla Norrback + Diane Orving + Ida Sjöstedt

Three creative beauties: Swedish fashion newcomers - Camilla Norrback, Diana Orving (Photo: Maja Flink) and Ida Sjöstedt (Photo: Mattias Wenblad)

Camilla Norrback

Romantic elegance at Camilla Norrback (Photo: Ann-Katrin Blomqvist)

Diane Orving

Like her designs, the staging at Diana Orving is extraordinary (Photo: Thomas Klementsson)

Ida Sjöstedt

Ida Sjöstedt reveals the girl inside a woman (Photo: Ceen Wahren)